Shoreline Auto Detailing is an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company.  A clean, crisp design was a must for this company.  Incorporating the color scheme from their existing logo, this WordPress, responsive design is focused on providing a very simple, clean method for customers to see the exemplary work Shoreline Auto Detailing provides through an easy-to-update portfolio.  In addition, a pricing table with all of their package options listed is provided to give prospective customers a clear understanding of the costs associated with the detailing of their vehicle.  To aide in appointment bookings, Simplified Web Solutions created an availability calendar, along with a contact form through which customers can request detailing services.

The integration of a pop-down message bar provides an eye-catching notification that directs people to the “Schedule Now” page.  In addition, we implemented a simple sharing tool that is ever-present on the side of the screen, allowing visitors to easily share via social media outlets and provide Shoreline Auto Detailing with free advertising.  The sharing tool customizes the social media buttons based on the visitors’ viewing history, providing a unique and extremely effective tool for each and every visitor.