Over the past few years, Christopher Steines has managed several websites for different organizations. During this time, he noticed a consistent theme: most systems in place for maintaining websites are very challenging for anyone with limited technical skills. His solution? Build websites with only necessary capabilities, trimming the excess.

Simplified Web Solutions is aimed at providing efficient and effective website designs for its clients.

If you have any questions, contact Christopher at chris@simplifiedwebs.com, or call 860.577.2870.

Custom Website Design

We offer unique designs for all clients, suited to your specific needs. Our sites feature efficient and effective layouts that allow viewers a fantastic and easy experience.  The capabilities below are only a small selection of those we provide.  A plan will be developed to suit your needs.

Content Management Systems

Maintenance is made easy with only the necessary systems and features. Based on your goals, either the WordPress or PageLime CMS systems will be used, preventing you from having a cumbersome, challenging to use website.


With the continuing increase in mobile phone and tablet use, it is essential to cater dynamically to your users. By having a responsive design your message will easily be at your audience’s fingertips, wherever they are.

Password Protection

Whether you need an employees’ section, member login, or protected content with a single password, your site will be secure.

Custom Forms

Reporting systems, inventory management, and contact forms are only some of the possibilities. Whether you need to query data from these forms or simply pass it on via email, the data processing behind these forms will completely convey what your audience needs to see.

Search Engine Optimization

Acquiring business is hard enough.  Have a website that helps you get found!  Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the forefront of the development process of every project.  If your site does not rank high in search engines, you cannot be found.  With Simplified Web Solutions, your site caters to search engines to help you land at the top of the search results.  

Have an idea?

Whatever your project entails, Simplified Web Solutions can help.  Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for.  We will be more than happy to discuss possible solutions for your project.